Fifteen January 1945 was a significant day in the life of Kenneth and Elizabeth McKethan since it was on this day that their eldest son, K.A. (Sandy) McKethan, was born.  The German offensive, known as the Battle of the Bulge, was winding down.  By 15 January, the regiment had pushed past Wilogne and Dinez, taken Mont and pushed toward the high ground northwest of Houffalize.  In the push to take the high ground, there were long range duels with antitank guns from the east but with no losses suffered.  On 16 January from the high ground vantage, the unit observed the linking of 2nd Armored Division and 11th Armored Division elements in Houffalize.  This linking severed the the "Bulge" at the Houffalize communications nerve center ended any hopes of using the salient for any offensive action (History 67th Armored Regiment).

Kenneth's 67th battalion and company assignment are not known at the time of this recording.