October 15, 1944

My Dearest Sweetheart,

How is my darling this time? Hope you and the baby are O.K.! Have you been to the doctor lately? You'll soon have to see him often than once a month, won't you?

Everything is O.K with me today. Notice I've changed companies again.

I haven't done much today except eat. I've had hot meals. Today we stewed up some apples. They were good too.

You know the money order I've been telling you'd get? Well I turned the money order in at the last place I was at & haven't received it yet. It'll catch up soon.

You know one thing? I'm madly in love with my wife. I think you're the perfect one and I'm proud that you're my wife!

Goodnight my precious

With all my love you,




67th Armored Regiment - 15 October 1944

Since 8 October, the 67th Armored regiment had active defense as it mission.  On 15 October, the regiment continued its mission of active defense.  On this day, additional concertina wire was placed in forward positions.  Expect for sporadic artillery and mortar fire, the enemy was relatively inactive.  While the Reconnaissance Co. continued its patrol of the Beggendorf area, the 1st Battalion operations consisted of defending Waurichen and directed artillery fire on targets of opportunity.  The 2nd Battalion continued to hold its line and sent infantry patrols to observe the enemy in front of their positions.  From the 3rd Battalion positions much movement of enemy troops was heard on the Immendorf-Poffendorf Highway.  Artillery, mortar and assault gun fire was directed these enemy movements.  Roads and trails were rendered almost impassible due to the rains.  Vehicles mired in the mud, hindering movement to forward areas (Regimental Reports, 1945).

At 1900A, operational plans were issued to relieve the 1st Battalion, 67th Armored Regiment with the 3rd Battalion, 41st Armored Infantry Regiment.  Movement started before daylight on 16 October and continued throughout the day ( After Action Report: 67th Armored Regiment, 2nd Armored Division, June 6, 1944 to May 1945).

On this date, Kenneth was assigned to Company D, 1st Battalion, 67th Armored Regiment (Per letter return address)