Following V-E Day, the 2nd Armored Division began duties as an occupying force in northern Germany.  The 2nd Armored Division began its march to Berlin on July 1, 1945 (Smith, 2003).  At some point following the cease of hostilities, troops were able to tour landmarks (such as Olympic Stadium and the Brandenburg Gate) in locales around Berlin.  

The image of Kenneth sitting in the cockpit of an ME109 was, undoubtedly, taken during one of these tours.  Kothen, Germany was annotated on this photograph.  The airfield where this image was taken is located 2 Km south of the town of Kothen.  Kothen is situated 52 Km south, southwest of Magdeburg and 17 km west, southwest of Dessau in Anhalt on the west side of the Elbe River (deZeng IV, 2014). 

The Luftwaffe took control of the airfield between 1936 and 1938 and was developed as its main signals experimental station.  The infrastructure included five hangers all with paved aprons.  One of those hangars served as a facility for aircraft repair and another hangar housed experimental aircraft (deZeng IV, 2014).  Sergeant Walter Schreck of the 36th Combat Infantry Battalion, 3rd Armored Division documented his war experience with annotated photographs.  Some of his photographs, with a Kothen 1945 annotation, are of aircraft at the airfield.  These photos are located on the soldiersmuseum webpage.

The gallery below shows Kenneth's photos from his tours following the cease of hostilities.