To General Eisenhower the consequences of the Allies failure to reach Arnhem, a Market Garden objective, were unmistakable. The capture of Arnhem supported seizing a bridgehead over the Rhine and outflanking the Siegfried Line before the onset of winter (Ballard, n.d.).   On the heels of the Operation Market Garden failure, plans were developed to cross the German frontier through the Westwall were formalized.   The initial plan for the First Army was to surround and capture the city of Aachen situated about 13 miles from the Netherlands border (Heerland, Netherlands) and 5.2 miles from the Belgian border (Raeren, Belgium).  On October 2, the 2nd Armored division (Combat Command B (CCB) divided into two task forces) followed the 30th division whose objective was to cross the Wurm River.  Task Force 2 was the first to cross the river to find that the infantry was unable to expand the bridgehead (Smith, 2003).


*Note:  CCB included the 1st and 2nd Battalions from the 67th Armored regiment.